Tuesday, April 28, 2009

KTEN Interview about Declaring Spinsterhood

I had my first live interview about my debut novel yesterday, and I was so nervous. I arrived at the studio and was shown into the green room so I could check my hair and makeup. In spite of the rainy day, my hair had not completely frizzed, but I added a lot of blush because I did not want to look washed out on camera.

After I finished primping, I was taken to the interview set and wired with a microphone. The next thirty minutes were spent watching the live newscast happen right before my eyes. That was very interesting. There were no cameramen. It was all automated from the control room apparently. I was also trying to think of all various questions I could possibly be asked and how I would respond.

Then during a commercial break, Jocelyn hurried over to the interview set. My heart raced even faster; I'm surprised it couldn't be seen on camera. Suddenly, we were on the air, and I was responding to her questions while trying not to be distracted by all of the gadgets and big screens around me. I new if I ever started watching myself, I would fidget, so I just kept focused on her as much as possible while trying to remember to look at the camera occasionally in order to connect with the viewers.

I never knew three minutes could feel like an eternity. Finally, it was over, and I was relieved and felt like I had done fairly well. As Jocelyn returned to the anchor desk, I made my way quietly out of the studio where I promptly had a giggling fit while sitting in my car. I pulled myself together enough to call my mom and drive back to work. Emails were already sitting in my inbox from friends who had watched the newscast, and my phone was beeping like crazy.

Everyone loved the interview and said it went great, but I couldn't be sure until I had watched it myself, but that would have to wait because only half was posted to the channel's website, and I couldn't watch my mom's recording until after class. I finally was able to watch it late last night, and I still believe it went really well. I did laugh at my accent, which has become much more pronounced over the years. So, as you watch this short clip from KTEN's website, just remember that I am from Texas.

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  1. My sister-in-law is going to be famous! I thought you did great in the interview, too. I also noticed your accent more on tv than in real-life. Keep blogging--I'll be checking!