Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

It absolutely feels like I no longer have time do anything strictly for fun. My second class of the summer just started (Audit), and it is going to be work, work, work. I have to carry a book around with me all the time just to snatch a few moments of pleasure here and there. Otherwise, I'm at a desk, in my car, or playing in the band.

Okay, enough whining! I am taking tomorrow off from work, school, and everything else to spend time with my girlfriends, Laura and Kathy. It feels like it's been forever since we had time to hang out, so we have a lot to catch up on, but first things first.

We're going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I am trying not to get my hopes up too much because I was so disappointed in the liberties taken with the last one. I have avoided reading the books again like the plague so that I will have forgotten most of the plot, and thus, NOT BE FUMING MAD AT THE END! I've heard some great reviews, but I'm also scared by the fact that it appears there's only three mentions of the HBP, which WAS THE WHOLE PLOT OF THE BOOK!!!! Okay, calming down now. We'll see how it goes.

After the movie, we'll be taking Kathy to lunch for a belated birthday celebration. My stomach's already growling in anticipation because my girlfriends have great taste in restaurants. Yum!

As for Declaring Spinsterhood, sales are booming on the Kindle in spite of Amazon's doing away with the discount. Yeah! Now, if I could just get everyone to write a review, I'd be in a very happy place.

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