Sunday, May 17, 2009

KTEN interview now posted!

In spite of my extremely slow internet connection, I finally was able to post the entire KTEN interview on my website ( It took over two hours and kept crashing some program on my computer that I didn't even know existed. Anyway, because of the technical difficulties, I won't be posting it here on the blog; you'll just have to head over to my site to see it.

My brother and his family came down for a visit this weekend. My nephew is the most handsome and good-natured little fellow you'll ever meet. He's already wrapped his Auntie Jamie around his little finger, and from the looks he kept giving me this weekend, I think he knows it even if he is just nine months old. His little smile with those two wee teeth just lights up my world.

It was so nice to be able to do whatever I wanted to this evening without having to think about homework or studying for a test. I've spent all afternoon reading, which is a rare experience lately; I finished Sarah Dessen's first novel Someone Like You and started her second one, That Summer. She does such a great job of portraying teen girls and all their roller coaster ups and downs. It definitely brought back some memories from my own teen years. Boy, does that seem like a long time ago.

I feel so behind on things like new books and movies. There are so many different things I want to read or watch and so little free time in which to do it. When I find a spare minute, I usually spend half of it trying to decide whether to read, watch a movie, practice the piano, or exercise. Exercise always loses, the piano rarely wins due to the threat of disturbing others, so it's mainly a toss up between reading or watching. Books typically win out in the end because they rarely disappoint whereas movies so often do. I wonder why it feels that way? Maybe it's because the movies tend to leave little to my own imagination. Movies where I've already read the book are the worst because they rarely live up to the screenplay I've already seen in my head. They did a pretty good job with Twilight, but the last couple of Harry Potter movies ticked me off. I certainly hope they do better on the next one.

I did get to watch a couple of movies this weekend: Hairspray and August Rush. The first was completely corny, which I loved, and the second was just beautiful. What an interesting storyline, and I enjoyed seeing another side to the acting talents of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as well as hearing his delectable accent.

Sorry for the ramblings, but that's all I'm good for today. The brain is mush!


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